Child Nutrition Services, Inc. is a professional food service management company, specializing in providing healthy school meals for students in grades K-12. Located in Mason, Ohio, Child Nutrition Services is operating school food service programs in southwest Ohio. Child Nutrition Services has managed school food service programs under the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs since 1986. Our expertise is in the area of operating school cafeteria programs from a business approach and maintaining the lunchroom as a nutrition program and an inventive place for children under the School Meals Incentive for Healthy Children. We provide full service management of school cafeterias, including consulting, employee training and catering services in our school district communities.
Child Nutrition Services, Inc. was founded by Judi Schott, as an affordable choice for school districts whose funding and experience were limited in operating their school food service programs. Judi Schott holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Morehead State University and a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University. Additionally, she has obtained charter status as a School Food and Nutrition Specialist in the credential program offered by the American School Food Service Association.
School food service has expanded into a multifaceted program of technology, nutrition, production, maintenance, marketing, budgeting, accounting, procurement, regulatory compliance and management. Working together with the school administration, Child Nutrition Services defines the goals for the school meal program. We constantly monitor these goals throughout the school year to make sure that we are delivering a quality food service program to students everyday. Our team effort at Child Nutrition Services provides assistance in all aspects of the food service program.
Our schools participate in Team Nutrition, a program offered to school food service programs under the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs through the United States Department of Agriculture. The mission of Team Nutrition is to improve the health and education of children by creating innovative public and private partnerships that promote food choices for a healthful diet through the media, schools, families, and the community.
We have a distinguished, successful, long term experience factor in a highly specialized field. We make a difference in school nutrition programs! For more information on our programs call (513) 459-0552 or complete the feed back form. We look forward to discussing our services with you further.