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Mapraw (Coconut)

Taxonomic Name: Cocos nucifera Linn.

Loved ones: PLAMAE

Various other titles: Maakon Mogoon, Mapraaw (As a whole) Heddung (Petchboon) Praaw, Mapraaw (The Southern Component) Yo (Malayu– The Southern Component) Korsaa (Karen– Mae Hongsorn) Dung (Chong-Chanburi) Pole (Karen – Karnijanuburi) Eiajee (Mandarin)

Botanical functions:

Trunk A seasonal tree for about 20-30 metres high; the trunk which is incredibly tall and also slim does certainly not make any sort of branch.

LeavesThe leaves behind from a coconut plant remain in a substance type, feather– like design. They are actually long, narrow and directed in the end with glossy, rich greenish colour.

BlossomsA cluster of small– sized blossoms increasing at the sweet-smelling from husk which covers little blooms. There are actually 6 petals from a blossom. Every cluster contains from strengths as well as pistils, at the end and base, specifically.

FruitA coconut has a sphere or oblong design with smooth external husk. The youthful coconut is fresh and also shifts brownish when completely ripe. The mid part is smooth fiber. The inner component is actually challenging (the endocarp). The following part is white colored, smooth meat along with slim extract.


As foodsThe younger dental crown of the coconut tree is for panned fry food items and curry. Young coconut is actually nutritious as clean or even being actually gotten rid of along with being actually cooked a hormog (a Thai meal consisteing from fit to be tied fish or even chick in coconut lotion and chili sauce). The collection, with its own reduce tip, creates syrup for namtaan peep (sweets helped make coming from coconut syrup) alcohol, and vinegar. Coconut dairy is actually produced into magarine and also cooking oil. Coconut pork is actually pressured right into coconut milk or even coconut cream for cooking food, as well as delightful dainties and coconut oil.

Meals valueCoconut meat contains of regarding 65% oil with higher phosphorus, calcium, carb, as well as others. Coconut oil has variesties of fats which make bad odor if left very long.

As medicineAshes of the scorched new skin from the coconut palm are actually used to treat tooth pain and also scabies. Fresh or even deied coconut dish is for beneficial body system’s energy, reducing urinary discomfort and eliminating bloodsucking worms as well as being actually therapeutic medication. Coconut milk, a healthy laxative and also medication for looseness of the bowels, aids resolve urinary system trouble, gallstone as well as blood vomit. Oil extracted from coconut chicken or even the tough husk is actually made use of to cure the wounds burnt by hot water.
Nam Mapraaw (Coconut Juice);

IngredientsMapraaw Namhom (Sweet-smell coconut dairy) Syrup